Thursday, October 6, 2011

This Weak Flesh

On this day of Atonement, we must understand that we are in a constant battle against ourselves.  It is a difficult task to undertake a 24-hour fast from sunset to sunset, not consuming any food or drink.  Our flesh is so dependent on these that it rebels at the thought of willingly withholding and abstaining from any morsel or drop.

Our minds are bombarded throughout this day.  Our flesh clamors for succor.  Everywhere we turn there are reminders of those things our body needs and craves:  the kitchen, the fruit bowl on the counter, the snacks available, the water fountains we pass by, the world still consuming as it is wont to do.  Our thoughts turn to food throughout the day.  By the end of this day, the discussion has turned towards choice locations in which to break the fast.

Our minds are bombarded throughout this day.  It is the flesh we must overcome.  It is in this status of being that we must, beyond normal expectations, turn our thoughts, minds and hearts to Yahweh.  He is the true sustainer of all life.  We cannot live without Him.  It is our duty to acknowledge this.

The Israelites were constantly reminded of this fact.  They were regularly seeking food (only out of boredom of the manna) and water.  However, they took it for granted when sustenance was provided.  We are not so much different from them.  Very few of us ever have to grow our own food.  Fewer of us can even fathom the idea of killing an animal for food.

We may some day have to depend 100% on Yahweh for sustenance when the world around us is starving.  We may find ourselves exiled and unable to purchase food due to our beliefs and we will turn to Yahweh in those moments.

On this day, we are reminded that these days are coming and it is necessary we turn to Him now, so that we may find His face turned to us when we need Him most.  So ignore the flesh and find Yahweh.  He will provide for our needs.

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