Friday, January 28, 2011

An Introduction

There are various issues surrounding the Old Testament laws for living and how to mesh them in this modern world.  There are many landmines to be avoided when dealing with the laws of clean and unclean animals as listed in Leviticus 11.  Our corporate environment has made it near impossible to keep the Sabbath and a job at the same time.  Our Father's calendar of appointments doesn't exactly match up with modern holidays or methods of time-keeping.

All of these add up to one huge challenge as a Sabbath-Keeping, Pork-Avoiding, Calendar-observing follower in a modern world that has no use for any of our beliefs.  This blog will attempt to provide guidance, point out the landmines in our foods at the grocery store and/or restaurant, give tips on getting a job that does not conflict with observing the Sabbath and how to approach your boss or professor about taking off for the days our Father has decided we should keep.  We will be providing many ideas, avenues of advice and tips to help you remain true to the law and still live within this modern world.

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