Friday, January 28, 2011

Dietary Laws of Leviticus 11 and Cheese


Such a simple and delicious word.

Yet it turns out that this product of cow's milk (or other milks such as goat) can be contaminated making it inedible according to Leviticus 11 and the laws of clean/unclean meats.

Go grab a package of cheese from your refrigerator or stop by the store and pick up a block of cheese.  Note the ingredients.  You will, quite often, find an ingredient listed as "enzymes".

(Read the article: What's in Your Cheese? by Sally Clinton)

As noted in the article above, one of the possible sources of these enzymes is from a pig.  The whole process of producing cheese from a cow has been infiltrated by the pork producers and their cheaply made by-products.  It turns out that most major brands of cheese use pig enzymes in their cheese, one of the many by-products of that animal that makes it into our everyday food.

At least for home use, you can read the ingredient listing or call the manufacturer to find out the source of the enzymes.  If it says "microbial rennet", "microbial enzymes" or "vegetarian rennet", you are pretty safe in buying it.  While the goal of the article linked above is for vegetarians, the ingredients list may also specify the animal source of the enzymes or rennet thereby making it easier to decide on purchasing.

Guess what?  That makes it seem almost nigh impossible to eat out now.  Do you know the source of the enzymes in the cheese on your McDonald's burger or on that Domino's pizza or in your Taco Bell tacos?  Of course not.  This is extremely frustrating and time consuming.  

So your choice on restaurants depends on if you want to call the customer service and hope you get a representative who can answer the question about the products you wish to order at a restaurant.  The difficulty is that restaurants change menus and sometimes suppliers of their cheese.  Cheese used on burgers may be okay, but not the cheese in the queso or salads, and so on.

It is completely up to you on what you choose to do in these situations.  It is the purpose of this blog to make you aware of the "dangers" out there in a society that doesn't really care where their food comes from (with the exception of vegetarians, vegans, muslims, some jews, Sabbath-keepers and those with food allergies).

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